The UX Outfitter Story

The concept of UX Outfitters began in 2016 as a vision inspired by God. He downloaded the concept, colors, vision, mission, and goals. What could be built if business owners had a safe space to express frustrations from previous design/development decisions made early on their entrepreneurial journey and be met with solutions that would remedy and grow their brand? That’s what our goal is. We started out as a website re-design agency, but soon realized that there was a need to take on client’s who longed for an agency to step in and pick up where someone left off. Sure, there are some amazing freelancers out there that can take on the occasional project, and most agencies take on new projects, complete overhauls, or recurring maintenance requests. But, where does that leave the entrepreneur who took on the task to build their own website but has reached the point where they need a more advanced professional solution? Or the one that needs help but doesn’t want to lose what they’ve already started? That’s where we come in; delivering solutions to, and working with client’s right at the beginning or in the middle of their development process. Getting derailed projects on track, creating new concepts, and combining the needs and wants of our clients is where we thrive. 

Our Vision

At UX Outfitters our clients are met with solutions that are tailored to their specific needs irrespective of development stage. We want to meet your where you are in your digital journey.

“don't just think outside the box. get rid of it.”
Jennifer Wilson/ Founder, CEO

Choose what you want and get what you need.

Cheers to getting both!